The archive for marine species and habitats data

Data Management

Submission of material to DASSH

For details of how to submit data to DASSH, please click here

Archiving of material

Electronic data (spreadsheets, databases, images etc.) are stored in a digital archive. Requests to archive physical data such as slides, paper reports and record cards are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. At present DASSH is not in a position to digitise slides or film at archive quality without funding to enable it to do so.

Security of archived material

Whilst data are being processed they will be stored on a secure network, with physical datasets stored in fire-proof cabinets. Once archived, electronic data are stored on the DASSH file servers. The servers are protected from viruses and other malicious applications by the latest antivirus products. The DASSH file servers are backed up nightly and the tapes are held offsite in a fireproof safe. Physical datasets accepted for archiving are stored in secure filing cabinets offsite.

Managing data

Metadata on all archived material are held at DASSH and shared with MEDIN via the Data Discovery Portal. For more details on the metadata held by DASSH, please click here.

Dissemination of data for public access

The DASSH Web site is a major source for the dissemination of data. Images and other media will be processed and optimised for the Web using an automated procedure and checked manually for QA purposes. Data are freely accessible from the DASSH web site and the NBN Gateway.

Quality Assurance

Documented QA procedures are in place for archiving, processing and disseminating data to ensure accuracy and completeness, and include;

  • Logging the arrival of data and images (and the return of any original material sent to DASSH on loan for processing).
  • Review of data quality.
  • Verification and validation of metadata and permissions.
  • Verification and validation of databases exported to DASSH databases.
  • QA of optimised media for Web display.

For more details of DASSH QA procedures click here.