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DASSH Records Search

This online tool allows you to search for, and download, records from the DASSH data archive, complete with geospatial information to allow you to create your own maps of the data.

You can use the bounding box filter to restrict your search to a specific geographical area, delimited by the bounding box.

The Survey, Species, Originator and Owner fields carry out a search for whatever text you enter using a "LIKE" query - i.e. if the text you enter appears anywhere in the named field, the record is returned (for example, entering "ab" will return "abra alba").

The fields in the search form are additive. If you fill in more than one search field, the search will only return records where every search criterion is met. This can be useful to, for example, look for particular species within a particular geographical limit.

To add a bounding box to the map, click on the control and draw your bounding area.
Project Name Survey Start Date Survey Name Originator Owner Latitude Longitude Sample Date Biotope Taxon Name Aphia ID Abundance Abundance Units Metadata
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